I’ve recorded three CDs of original songs. My latest, “One of These Roads,” was released March 28, 2014, at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall. A great bunch of friends joined me .

Musicians on the CD also included Quillan Roe, Jake Hyer, Angie Talle, Levi Stugelmeyer (drums), Dave Strahan (guitar), and Erik Brandt, who produced the CD. Levi recorded, engineered and co-produced the CD.

It’s available at and


My first two recordings — All the Way Wrong and Blood of the Faithful — are available at Spotify,, and

All the Way Wrong: Musicians include Kurt Stevenson, Razz Russell, John Soshnik, Jon Rodine, Peter Karman, Erik Brandt, Jake Hyer. Produced by Peter Karman and Russell Rathbun. Engineered by Peter Karman and Peter Rasmussen. All songs copyright 2003 by Brett Larson.

Most of this was recorded over a weekend in the fall of 2002 at Peter Karman’s house in St. Paul. We flew Kurt in from San Francisco, which turned out to be a good idea. He played bass, banjo, electric guitar, and who knows what else, and also sang harmonies.

I love some of the songs on this CD, while others haven’t stood the test of time for me, but it’s still a nice collection of old-fashioned country music.

I have a few copies of this available for $10 plus postage (round up to $15) sent to me at 11755 90th Ave, Milaca, MN 56353, or you can get it at and

Blood of the Faithful: Recorded by Terry Nord in Mora, MN, and Kurt’s house in San Francisco. Vocal and guitar: Brett Larson. Everything else: Kurt Stevenson. Mixed by Peter Rasmussen. Produced by Brett Larson. All songs Copyright 2005 by Brett Larson.

I have a few copies of this available for $10 plus postage (round up to $15) sent to me at 11755 90th Ave, Milaca, MN 56353. Or you can get it at and

I love this CD for a lot of reasons, mainly the weird, ironic, sincere, masterful slide guitar, bass, ukulele and gewgaw stylings of my friend Kurt Stevenson. I sent him the bare bones vocal and guitar tracks, and he sent me back what you can hear on this CD. He threw in the kitchen sink and was a little embarrassed that the final version included everything he recorded, including what were intended as inside musical jokes for my ears only. Kurt may re-mix it more to his liking this year, but I love it just the way it is.

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