It’s hot. Enjoy it.

It’s been 85-90 Fahrenheit the last few days here in the north country, and I’m loving it.

I used to be one of those Minnesotans who claimed to prefer 60 degrees to 80, but I am now honest and old enough to admit that I was fooling myself.

I thank my wife for setting me straight. Diane is incapable of lying, to herself or anyone else, and I’ve adopted her allergy. The first time I said something along those lines to her, some 30 years ago, she looked at me like I was from Mars. “I like it hot,” she said, having spent several winters in Australia.

I now know that she was right. If you have to live through the Siberian winters of Minnesota and then claim that you hate the hot, humid days of July and August, I pity you. I also think you’re lying.

There are 3-4 days each summer in Minnesota when the heat is hard to bear. Boo freaking hoo. Deal with it. Experience it. Love it. Enjoy it.

Saddest of all is the fact that we think we need air conditioning in our climes. Worse yet, we keep it at 65 degrees all summer long, so you need to bring a sweater to the movie theater or the mall. In the era of climate change, it should be illegal.

I was at my mother-in-law’s retirement community in Iowa last week, and the thermostat was set at 67, which is madness. I wanted to take a sledge hammer to it.

Last night I stripped to my boxers and rode my lawnmower on the two miles of trails I keep mowed for my daily walks. I got down on the floodplain by the river and felt the dew forming on the tall grasses. It was heaven.

Today I walked to river and jumped in, floating a hundred yards downstream and climbing out. I spent the rest of the afternoon wet and cool, while the rest of the county was burning fossil fuels and contributing to climate change.

Tonight, if it’s too hot in the bedroom, I’ll sleep in the screen porch.

In a hundred years, our grandkids will look back at us like we were insane.

And like we didn’t care.



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