Have some standards 

The first two or three in the la times series on Trump were meticulously written and argued. Three through five were okay. 

Then today there’s this:

Now, he was taking on California itself, a state in which more than one out of 10 Americans live, and which sends more than $350 billion to Washington each year in federal taxes (and gets substantially less than that back). A state with strong progressive values that it will not happily see undermined. 

That final thing is not a sentence. There are certain lines that should not be crossed. 

Good way to prop up sagging approval ratings

Trump gets the hearts and minds of Americans. Bombing Syria was the best thing he could do because when shots are fired we line up and say yes sir can I have more gruel, where would you like my children to kill or die?

Hillary gave him cover by calling for the same ridiculous action before Trump went there. 

The key fact: no one knows what happened yet in that gas attack. 

As always we bomb first and ask questions later. Or don’t. 

Evil leaders. Stupid country. Immoral capitalists. Pandering media. Been that way as long as I can remember.