1 year, 1000 miles

I gave up running, for the most part, a couple years ago. I decided to only run when I felt like it, which is almost never. But I almost always feel like walking.

A couple years ago I decided to walk two miles a day instead of running, and then last year I upped the ante with a New Year’s resolution to walk 2.5 a day, with an extra walk on the weekend, for a total of 20 miles a week. I hoped to hit 1000 for the year, leaving me a couple weeks off.

I got ahead of myself and hit my goal a bit early, making me the first person in history to accomplish a New Year’s resolution (judging by all the comments you’ll hear about the futility of resolutions).

All 1,000 miles were outdoors, and the vast majority were on my two miles of trails — over the fields, through the woods, along the river — plus a half mile on the township road to the mailbox and back.

When I’m traveling to Chicago or the Twin Cities I’ll usually fit in a walk on the sidewalks or paths, or at a park somewhere. We did about 50 in the Three Sisters Wilderness last summer, plus some nice hikes in California when we were visiting friends in March.

I’m going to stick to the same plan in 2018, and as long as my body holds up. There’s no better way to start the day, or end it, than a nice, long walk.


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