Happy warriors unite!

Wow, those Trump signs disappeared fast! Usually it takes a few days for people to get their signs down, but this time they were gone by the crack of dawn on Wednesday.  I’m sure their owners will tell you they didn’t want to gloat and wanted to comply with the rules, but I think something else was going on.

When they figured out their guy was actually going to win, they wanted to hide the evidence that they had voted for him. Can’t say I blame them. They have embarrassed themselves and our great country in the eyes of the world.

Trump can’t make America great again because it already is, and because he’s single-handedly made it less great than it’s been in decades by using his campaign to call people names, bully opponents, and incite violence and intimidation among his supporters. He has enabled and minimized racism and bragged about sexual assault while running a campaign that betrayed his own ignorance and gave voice to his followers’ ugliest instincts.

I believe the presidency will humble Mr. Trump, but that will not give him a pass. It’s going to take a great effort to undo the damage, and it begins today with an effort to oust as many of his minions as possible in two years, and to ensure that the Trump era lasts no more than four.

Yeah, Hillary was imperfect and dull, but she cleaned his clock in three debates, and I’m pretty sure a lot of Trump voters are thinking dull sounds pretty good about now. They’re going to have a hard time explaining their vote to their daughters and granddaughters this Thanksgiving. They could’ve voted for the first woman president; instead they voted for the man who said those things on that bus, and who has broken several promises before he’s even been inaugurated.

The good news is that there’s plenty of room over here on the right side of history. We liberals are a welcoming bunch. We like people of all colors, creeds, genders, orientations, and identities — even former Republicans. We’re also a forgiving lot, and we’ll take you in without requiring you to confess or do penance. Just put a smile on your face and be ready to fight for positive change.

If you’re on my side, let’s get together and talk. Find me on Facebook and we’ll start doing our part locally to build a more welcoming society and a healthier planet. And we’ll do it following the great Minnesota “happy warrior” tradition of Humphrey and Wellstone, in contrast to the fear, anger, and hate that motivate the other side. (Did I mention that liberals are more cheerful and have more fun?)

As much as I enjoyed sitting quietly in the relative calm of a sane country, now’s not the time to hide under the covers, as much as we’d like to. On behalf of those who may rightly feel intimidated by and afraid of Trump and his followers, we need to keep our heads up and our voices loud. There are thousands of us, even here where Trump won big. We’re not going away, and starting today, we’re only getting stronger.


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