I blame journalists

Frank Schaeffer never gets tired of telling his story, and I never get tired of reading it, mainly because he’s one of the few who get how influential religious craziness has been over the last 30-some years. Only those with first0hand knowledge of religious fanaticism can understand how otherwise intelligent and well-meaning people can be convinced to believe in things not only contrary to their own economic and personal interests, but also the interests of the religion they profess to believe in. Mainstream journalists still don’t get it, and in their simplistic obeisance to journalistic “balance” or “objectivity” they continue to treat the Walkers and Cruzes and Bachmanns of the world as something other than lunatics. I blame the journos more than the wackos for our nation’s problems, because they should know better, and they have a duty to tell the truth. http://www.salon.com/2014/12/24/my_horrible_right_wing_past_confessions_of_a_one_time_religious_right_icon/


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