Post-election reflections

For me, it was all about Stewart Mills THE THIRD (as in Thurston Howell). Since I won’t have to go through the next two years with this guy representing me in Washington, I’m not that worried about the rest of the country empowering the religious lunatics and evil billionaires.

Honestly, it wasn’t Stewart’s hair (although it was really bad hair), and it wasn’t his money. I have no problem with rich people who inherited their wealth (although I do think they should pay more taxes to support the system they’ve benefitted from), or with people who use their inherited wealth to serve in politics (like Mark Dayton and many Rockefellers, Roosevelts, and Kennedys over the decades), but if you’re a wealthy and powerful person who wants to use his wealth and power to increase the wealth and power of the wealthy and powerful, then I have no time for you, and neither should anyone else who isn’t a millionaire.
And with Stewart, it was also the obnoxious gun rights video he made a month after Sandy Hook trying to “prove” that a shotgun is more deadly than an AR15. Stay classy, Stewart! I didn’t like you before you went into politics, and I’ll keep disliking you (and staying away from your ugly orange discount store) now that you’re out.
Of course I’m actually bothered by the results, but you could see it coming, and you can also see what’s coming down the pike in 2016. Her name’s Hillary, and her coattails will sweep a good number of the yahoos elected on Tuesday back to the turnip patch (although Joni Ernst and Cory Gardner will be with us for six years).
To me, it was a mistake for Obama to stay out of the election because the media said he was “toxic” and blamed him (instead of themselves or the intransigent GOP) for his 42 percent approval ratings. Obama’s 42 is a pretty good number, considering the fact that a good chunk of those who “disapprove” are on his left. They voted for him and would again because they vastly prefer him to the alternative. It’s not that hard to understand, but the media calls him “toxic” and the Democrats believe it, and apparently Obama does too.
Every time a poll comes out saying Congress has an approval rating in the teens, the media get hysterical and the pundits point their fingers in all directions, and nobody says the obvious: Their approval rating is in the cellar for one simple reason: Democrats hate Congress because of all the Republicans, and Republicans hate Congress because of all the Democrats. Everyone likes their own team, but that doesn’t show up in the polls.
The reason the losses were so significant was because young people stayed home, and Obama could’ve used his persuasive power to remind them that Republicans are anti-gay marriage, anti-minimum wage, anti-equality for women, anti-environment, and often blatantly racist. Forty-two percent approval (just like Congress’ 10 or 20 percent) is not as bad as it sounds, and the media should be able to explain that to the American people if they can’t figure it out for themselves.
The media should take a large share of the blame for what the country has become because of their lazy and phony “objectivity” and “balance” and their inability to explain reality for fear of being labeled “biased” by evil bastards like Rush Limbaugh.
It’s their falling down on the job that is most to blame for the nation’s transition over the last 35 years from an optimistic, reasonable, middle-class nation (one of the best in the world), to a basket case of inequality, dysfunction, and downright lunacy (not to mention the country most to blame for the looming Doomsday of climate change, energy shortage, and/or financial collapse).
The media failed to tell the truth about what was happening, again and again and again, and they enabled The Three White Men Who Destroyed the World.
(Stay tuned for that column.)

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