Following is a news release from Red Circle Agency, which I’m doing some work for. Feel free to share the article or the YouTube link.


“Redskin” Racial Slur, Declares New Hard-Hitting TV Spot, Brainchild of Native American Ad Agency Owner

MINNEAPOLIS, October 29,2014 — The spot begins with the face of a quiet, yet clearly upset African American woman, who speaks to the camera, “I am a n****r.” The actual word is “bleeped” out, as national television doesn’t allow the racial slur. Which, says Chad Germann, owner of Red Circle Ad Agency and member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, is exactly the point.

See the spot here:

“I was tired of people avoiding what I think is the real issue. There is no word in the American lexicon that is more hurtful to the Native American,” says Germann, who set out to create a message that puts “redskin” smack in the middle of other racial slurs.

Since the start of football season, the Washington team has been a constant presence in the media for refusing to change its name, claiming “tradition” and “honor.”

“This ‘honor’ brings dishonor to the Native American,” Germann explains, “There’s so much about Native American history in America that’s ugly. People avoid thinking about all that, which is why the Washington team can get away with this.”

In partnering with the National Coalition on Racism in Sports & Media, Red Circle is hoping natives and non-natives alike will join in the conversation around the racist word. “This is a social justice issue about power and privilege, not a Native American one,” says Germann.

Germann’s tribe is fully behind one of its own. Melanie Benjamin, Chief Executive of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, is quick to praise the effort. “Like other racial slurs, this is a word that has been used on playgrounds to demean our children and make them feel shame and self-hate.  Why would the FCC ban all those other words and allow this one?  We applaud Chad for joining in the effort to bring attention to this injustice.”

Germann is out to expose that injustice with a provocative message. “We’re left with this ugly word. People don’t talk about how ugly it is. We need to talk about it,” says Germann.

Red Circle is a Minneapolis-based advertising agency that works primarily with the hospitality industry, including many Native American casinos.

The National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media is an organization dedicated to fighting racial stereotypes used in sports and media, with a firm belief that American Indians are people, not mascots.

Questions, call Chad Germann at Red Circle Agency: 612-248-2062


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