Not as lazy as I appear

They say Soren Kierkegaard, when he was hard at work on one of his many philosophical tomes, used to slip off to the theater so the townsfolk would think him an idler.

I’ve never had much in common with SK, except maybe the appearance of being lazy.

Today, however, I found out I have not been as lazy as I’d thought. I requested a list of all the courses I’ve taught over the years (mostly from 1994 to 1997 and 1999 to 2006), and it turns out I have well over 10 years’ worth of college teaching credits dating back to 1994, when I finished my Master’s. That doesn’t count miscellaneous courses I taught in New Zealand or at St. Cloud State.

Add to that 10 years’ worth of work as a journalist (6 as editor, three as full-time reporter, plus days, weeks, and months here and there as a columnist, part-time reporter, and interim editor), and it appears that I have been gainfully employed for 20 years — in spite of the fact that I’ve been a grad student for the better part of the last year.

So at this point I am giving myself permission to stop feeling bad about going back to school and not contributing much (beyond my TA’s salary) to the family budget. I guess I’ve been pulling my weight after all.


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