Is email dead, or am I?

I told Diane the other day that I felt like Bruce Willis at the end of Sixth Sense, when he realizes he’s dead, and all the people he’s been talking to have actually been talking to themselves, except the little kid who famously says, “I see dead people.”

The reason I might be dead: I sent four emails over the course of a couple days and received a grand total of zero responses.

To be clear, these were not obnoxious emails. In each case, the receiver seemingly would have been motivated to reply by self-interest, or at least obligated by basic social norms.

#1: I wrote an administrator at my son’s school to express my support of him for disciplining my son. Just to be extra friendly, I threw in a “thanks for all you do for the kids of our town” at the end.

#2: I wrote a recruiter at a college my son and I visited to give him some thoughts that might help him recruit my son, and also to expressly ask for information about an event on campus we’re thinking of attending.

#3: I wrote two classmates in a course I’m taking who are working with me on a project. I specifically said, “Please reply so I know I have the right email.” A week later I saw them both in class and asked if they got my email, assuming they didn’t. Both said they had received it.

It’s now been more than a week, and still crickets.

I’m thinking I missed the memo (or the email) informing the world that email is dead.

Or maybe it’s just me.


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