Dont repeat mistakes that led to Superweeds

“What we created is simply a weed control system the main effects of which are to sell more Roundup and expensive modified seeds and allow farmers to cover more acres.”

“But not to fear, industry has a new solution — if you call it that: Take an older, harsher weed killer, 2,4-D, and breed resistance to it into seeds so more can be applied, enough to kill those pesky Superweeds. Meaning we are going to start over with the same approach, asking farmers to pay more for the privilege.

“How long do you think it will be before today’s Superweeds evolve to resist this ‘technology’? Adding to the risks, this ‘solution’ threatens other important parts of agriculture — the grapes and horticultural crops expanding across Iowa. Of course the chemical makers have an answer for this — a newer version of 2,4-D that is less likely to drift.”

via Dont repeat mistakes that led to Superweeds.


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