Rainy day project

DSC_0480If it’s raining where you  are, consider dismantling or demolishing something that’s been an eyesore in your life for too many years. It worked for me.

Yesterday Diane and I were depressed about the rain, which we were expecting in the afternoon but came in the morning. So we destroyed the old Wurlitzer organ, which has been sitting on our porch since my mom passed away last fall.

That was fun, so we moved on to the old pickup camper that’s been parked in the trees behind our house for 16 years or so.

We bought it in the early ’90s when we were living in International Falls. I had recently purchased a 1967 Dodge 100 pickup, and a few months later we found the Tel Star camper of about a the same vintage. We didn’t travel a lot with it, but it become living quarters for us and later my brother and sister-in-law.

Shortly after Cedar was born in 1995 we stayed in it in Detroit Lakes when Diane was teaching a summer school class at the technical college. The next summer we had it set up next to the teepee on our Rum River property, before the mosquitoes drove us indoors to the farmhouse where Jim and Debbie were living (and where we live now).

After that Jeff and Linda lived in a duplex of the pickup camper and their VW camper before they moved into the farmhouse when we went back to Da Falls.

It’s been sitting in its current location since we moved her permanently in 1997, growing less and less watertight and mouse proof. For years, Diane’s been complaining about the air of white-trashiness it lends to our yard, and I’ve been defending the old beast, pretending it may serve a purpose someday, mainly out of the desire not to do anything with it because it would either cost money or take time and effort.

So yesterday on a whim I started in with a hammer, a super bar, and a pruning shears (to cut wires and hoses and copper tubing for the propane stove). I completely lost track of time as I pulled paneling and insulation from the walls, pried loose cabinet doors, and uncovered an impressive array of mouse nests.

I’m down to the basic wood structure and aluminum sides now, wondering if I should set a match to what’s left, hoping it falls down when the wood burns, or put the circular saw blade on backwards and start cutting aluminum.

The result will be one less eyesore, lots of splinters, and the satisfaction of wrecking something that needs wrecking. Also something salvaged: a rainy day.


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