New record today?

Might get a new daily record for my property today. Would’ve had a shot at it last Sunday but after a 50-bird morning, I didn’t get out to look for another eight. This morning I’m at 52 and it’s 9:54 a.m., so if I spend a little time this afternoon, and pick up a few just by paying attention, I should break my record of 57 from last year.

In fact, there’s one now: a kestrel. I knew it was there because they nest in a box I built, but they’re pretty secretive during nesting season. That’s 53.

I should also get a ruby-throated hummingbird soon, and maybe a bluebird or a bald eagle or a red-tail. There’s a hummer: 54.

Here’s my list from this morning:

Photo on 5-23-14 at 10.07 AM


Highlights were a Wilson’s warbler and a scarlet tanager (in flight). Thought I had a northern parula warbler, but it turned out to be a magnolia, which I’ve already seen a lot of this year. Also heard a veery and lots of wood thrushes.

Tons of indigo buntings on the feeders.

Last Sunday, the day after my county big day, I got to 50 even quicker, so it may be that I’m past the peak of the migration. Some of the sparrows are gone already, the yellow-rumped and palm warblers are gone, the Swainson’s and Gray-cheeked thrushes, but some haven’t shown up yet. So far no kingbirds or sedge wrens or red-eyed vireos or some of the warblers I still hope to see this year (mourning, Canada, golden-winged).

Also found a new patch of fiddleheads that came up late due to flooding. I could be eating fiddleheads for another week.

For breakfast I had eggs from my chickens, applesauce from my apple trees, and fiddleheads from the woods.

Update: I got to 58 after seeing a yellow-rumped warbler, an eastern bluebird, a least flycatcher and a killdeer.

Update: Weekend birds: First pewee on Saturday, May 24. First red-eyed vireos Monday, May 26. Didn’t get out to look for more warblers, so I might have missed some this year.


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