Minnesota bayou

Spent a few hours paddling my little sit-on-top kayak from Bogus Brook Township Hall to Princeton on Saturday. The river is pretty high so it was a quick trip down to Highway 13. From there, it got interesting. Basically the rest of the way was a flooded silver maple forest, many square miles of it, with the river over the banks and taking shortcuts across the oxbows. At one point I nearly got stuck behind a log jam and was wondering how I’d get over, but I found a way. I took a few shortcuts through the forest, which was pretty cool, with some giant trees. Scared a Canada goose off a nest on the roots of a fallen tree, a nice protected island about four feet above the waterline. Lots of hooded mergansers, sandpipers, and kingfishers. Also saw a garter snake swimming in the middle of the river. Stopped for a sandwich on a high point in the forest that was covered with anemones, trout lilies, and spring beauties.



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