Should be fun

I’m playing another gig on Wednesday, April 16. It begins with a radio appearance on Harold’s House Party on KFAI, a great community public radio station in Minneapolis, at 5 p.m., and continues at the 331 Club, a great community bar in northeast Minneapolis, from 7 to 9.

Since two of the players from my CD, guitarist Dave Strahan and drummer Levi Stugelmeyer, are unable to be there, it’ll be more of an acoustic show featuring one my favorite Twin Cities guitar players, Dan Gaarder. I don’t know Dan very well, but I’ve been watching him play in other bands and combos for over 10 years, and I thought of him when I was imagining someone who could play great parts on acoustic guitar with (unfortunately) little practice time.

Dan plays every week at 331 with Quillan Roe and the Roe Family Singers. Quillan played bass on the CD and will be with me on Wednesday, along with Dan, Jake Hyer on fiddle, and Erik Brandt on keyboards and accordion.

Not sure what we’ll do on the radio show, but the 331 gig will include two sets. The first will be made up of most of the songs from my new CD, and the second will be old originals and a few country covers I like to sing.

If you haven’t heard the new CD, it’s available here:

And here’s a little pic by Rob Passons to remind you of the long winter that finally seems to be over.



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