The great Detroit bailout

This came in my email today. Sounds like a great idea to me:


CONTACT: Vernon Weems (319) 233-6058


Summit: Native Americans Bailouts Detroit To Create A City-State Reservation
July 31, 2013 – Waterloo, IA

The Summit will be held September 21-22, 2013, in Detroit. Invited are delegates from all tribal councils. Labor unions, business leaders, community leaders and other individuals were also invited.

The attached letter went to almost all Native American Tribal leaders inviting them to a Summit to start the process to make Detroit a City-State Reservations.

Examples of city-state today are The Vatican, Singapore, Greater London, Mexico City, Hong Kong, and Washington D.C.

Jobs, economic development on reservations, unrestricted revenues and a dominant presence in America are a few of the things that acquiring Detroit a positive thing for the tribal leaders.

The public is welcomed if space is available.



Vernon E. Weems

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July 31, 2013

Dear Tribal Leader:

You are invited to attend:

Summit: Native Americans Bailouts Detroit To Create A City-State Reservation

in Detroit, Michigan on September 20 – 22, 2013.  It will be the biggest economic development opportunity in the history of Native American tribes ever in the USA. The summit will start the merger and acquisition Detroit by and for Native Americans.


The Summit will last for three (3) days.

1.    Day 1- Friday – Tour of the City of Detroit and opening remarks and presentations.

2.    Day 2 – Saturday – Election of Summit Leadership, plenary sessions and banquet.

3.    Day 3 – Sunday – First day of business for Summit Leadership open work session to acquire Detroit.


The first day will be a tour of Detroit with elected officials, government employees, labor leaders, business leaders, community leaders and other who can enlighten participating tribal leaders and their staff about Detroit. There will be stops during the tour to allow tribal leaders a closer examination of some of the assets and positive elements of the City of Detroit.


The Summit’s tour will provide each tribal leader the opportunity to network and establish contacts to better enable them to make an informed decision. Candidates for interim leadership can use this time to campaign, lobby and educate the electorate about themselves. Also the tribal leaders can use this day to learn about the candidates for interim leadership.


A federal government bailout has strong opposition within Congress. Therefore, a Tribal bailout option is what America needs. The bailout will use the principles of merger and acquisition to bring Detroit out of bankruptcy. More importantly it is what Native Americans need.


Tribal Councils Must Reserve By August 15, 2013


Reservations and registrations are free. August 15, 2013 is the deadline for the purposes of establishing whether there is any interest so we can continue with implementation. If there is not enough interest by the deadline the Summit will be cancelled.


To reserve and register send written authorization and confirmation from the Tribal Council that your Tribe will attend. You do not need to name who will attend. You do not need to notify me who will attend until you actually register at the Summit.


The person who will represent you can be anyone you select. It can be a chair, council member, a member of your tribe, a non-Native American or a representative. You can send a delegation but you will only receive one set of credentials. Please state who will act for your Tribe from the delegation. And remember you can list them in order of priority if you want.


At the Summit’s registration your delegate will need a signed Tribal Council letter of authorization naming your delegate. You can send more than one delegate but only one can vote for you. Your written authorization must include a listing and ranking of your alternate delegate.


The Summit is set to make your life easier as I will work with you. Periodically you will be sent more information about the Summit.


What is the Purpose of the Detroit Summit?


The Summit will start is the move to merge the City of Detroit with the participating tribes to form a new city-state reservation. It will be one city with several governments including very limited federal, state and local government participation. But it will be 100% a part of the sovereignty of the participating tribes.

The reorganized City of Detroit will be transferred to the Indian National Trust in the DOI/BIA. Thereby, making Detroit equivalent to reservations and all other property that is held in the trust. Tribal leaders will define the conditions of the reorganized Detroit. The Trust Program will assure its transparency, accountability and longevity.


The summit is for a friendly takeover of the City of Detroit from Chapter 9 Bankruptcy. Various tribes collectively will bailout Detroit in return for the transferring of all the rights, titles and interest to the city-state. In addition for informational proposes this invitation was sent to business, community and labor unions leaders. With a more diverse cross-section the summit will initiate a review with better due diligence regarding this proposal due to the short timeline.


The content of this message is not a secret.


The Summit promotes saving Detroit through the private sector. The Summit’s Chapter 9 Reorganization will yield a unifying outcome and economic stimulus for all of America. The Summit being open to all assures adherence to due process, full disclosure, retain urban residents, create a city a safe community and deliver on city promises to active and retired employees.

What are the stages of the acquisition of the reorganized Detroit?

I would recommend the following as a template for reaching the acquisition of a reorganized Detroit.






Self-Appointed (Since I conceived the plan).



Tribal Council


Post Summit  Council

Elected by Summit Attendees

Transition – Chapter 9

Executive Council

Appointed or elected by Post Summit Council


City State Council

Elected by enrolled members of a tribe.


Here are the facts.

The City of Detroit is the most populace of city in Michigan. Metro Detroit’s area is the 10th largest metropolitan area in the nation. The Detroit Urban Area is the 12th most populous in the United States. Detroit is the nation’s 18th largest city.

If the tribal leaders consider buying Detroit just for access to jobs then your members will get its money’s worth. It is estimated that Metro Detroit has 1.4 million jobs. The City of Detroit has approximately 12,900 employees. About 102,200 jobs are within 3 miles city’s central business district. Another 210,000 jobs lie within a 3-to-10-mile band from the downtown core. Bailing out Detroit is worth it just for the job market.

The members of the tribe can work in Detroit but they will spend their money back home within their tribal community. This influx of money will mean an economically healthier reservation.

Economic Development.

When companies are considering expansion seldomly do they consider the reservations. Primarily the reservations lack the infrastructure and available workforce the companies need and want. A city-state owned by Native Americans will end that excuse. And a reorganized Detroit owned by Native American will be attractive to foreign investors as well.

No local government will be able to compete with a Native American owned Detroit provided you want the development. You can grant more favorable tax rates. You can offer more incentives by including, employing, and joint venturing with Native Americans. You can even negotiate with international companies and other nations within any existing Treaty you have. But the bottom line is you will be competitive or have the edge. One thing for sure you will have the space and some existing infrastructure to offer that others do not.

Back on the Reservations.

Life on the reservations will be much better without tampering with its lifestyle. You can establish a non-governmental organization (NGO) which is basically a charity that can be the conduit for these projects. As an inducement for a development deal in Detroit you can provide for one or more needs back-on the reservation to receive improvements. This will allow the reservations to get a needed development. And the donor will receive any goodwill for the act as well as any eligible tax relief.

More importantly none of the Detroit development will not impact any land on the reservation. You are protecting the way of life on the reservation but improving the lives of your members. Detroit will become your financial tool for reservation improvement without destroying the sacred lands of the reservation.

Who has been invited?

It is paramount that your conduct to coalitions for the acquisition of the reorganized Detroit. First, you must organize internally by build a coalition of tribal councils working collectively to make this a reality. Secondly, you must network with the various parties inside Detroit to work with the joint tribal councils seeking to acquire Detroit. You can help spread the word by forwarding this email and telling everyone. I have taken the following steps to initiate both of these with the distribution of this email.

Union leadership has been invited to the meeting so that they can explore and build relationship enabling them to develop a reorganized Detroit that will benefit everyone. The unions’ memberships are one of the major creditors as well as having a vested interest in successful Detroit reorganization. The unions’ dedicated and successful members including but not limited to retirees, rank and file need a strong and viable reorganized Detroit after Chapter 9.

Likewise the business and industry has been invited to contribute the wisdom that you only achieve from hands-on experience. Their contributions will help the reorganized Detroit better accomplish its goals of a renewed business, industry, residential, commercial and manufacturing environment for growth and success.

To promote dialog and to assure that you get the best input I will share this with a cross-section of America including but not limited to:

·         Business Leaders

·         Government Representatives

·         Elected & Appointed Officials

·         Community Leaders

·         Labor Union Leaders


What do Native Americans get if Detroit is reorganized?

The entire destiny, growth and definition will be established by Native American tribal leaders. The initial focus will be on an approximately $20-Billion project. And your nation will neither have to provide nor divert any money from ongoing program nor secure a mortgage on any asset nor tap into your tribal council or member. A reorganized Detroit proves you just grasped the chance of intertribal cooperation between multiple sovereign nations for your people.

And one other important benefit is the money that the reorganized Detroit will generate can be used to improve the other various reservations throughout America. Revenues for fees, taxes and others sources will now be a new unrestricted source for all tribes who participate in the formation of the reorganized Detroit. The profits can be used to increase the quality of life on the reservation as well as be a beacon of pride for your children to know that they too share in the American dream. They will know that internships that have been excluding them before are now open in the reorganized Detroit. And imagine the self esteem when Tribal children can say Detroit is our city.

The reorganized City of Detroit will generate revenues using its authority to assess taxes and fees. The tribes as owners will then control all the jobs of the city. Thereby, any new hires or attrition replacements are changes totally within the control of the various tribes. The new owners can legislate the requirements for doing business in Detroit even development of businesses or developments at another reservation.

The proposed project will create jobs, businesses, real estate developments, franchisees, homes, schools, green spaces and other great opportunities for so many of your enrolled members. Member who are grossly underemployed or unemployed will have the opportunity to jobs which they are trained and qualified for but cannot find. Your enrolled members will be able to fast track into the American middleclass and some will sky rocket into the wealthy.

The reorganized Detroit will be able to assist your tribal members to finance the economic and goodwill project with less restriction. For once your member will be treated fairly and equally.

I must warn you that you must embrace living wages, generous benefit, job protection, inclusion, diversity and equality. A reorganized Detroit need loyal employees and retirees who know you want them to prosper with you. And the business community must know that you will provide a friendly environment for them to earn a profit. A reorganized Detroit will only work if it is part of America but totally owned and controlled by Native Americans.

Partial listing of what you get with Detroit.

Here is what will be complete control of the Tribal Administration:

City of Detroit

Arts and theater

·         Museum

·         Theaters

Construction and demolition

·         New & Renovations

o   Residential

o   Commercial

o   Manufacturing

o   Industrial

o   Retail

·         Expansion

·         Developments

Manufacturing, transportation and industrial

·         Airport

·         Harbor

·         Plants


Restatement from above: If the tribal leaders consider buying Detroit just for access to jobs then your members will get its money’s worth. It is estimated that Metro Detroit has 1.4 million jobs. The City of Detroit has approximately 12,900 employees. About 102,200 jobs are within 3 miles city’s central business district. Another 210,000 jobs lie within a 3-to-10-mile band from the downtown core. Bailing out Detroit is worth it just for the job market.

The reorganized Detroit can become a fountain of opportunity for Native American Tribe members. A reorganized Detroit will offer numerous jobs and businesses that were never available on the current reservation. And most jobs are almost non-existent for tribal member of the reservation. There is no other economic strategy or program which can match the potential offered at the Summit. Once a reorganized Detroit emerges Native Americans will control and better determine their destiny. With the reorganization single stroke emergence the tribes will create including but not limited to:

·         Jobs including leadership in one of the nation’s largest municipal departments.

·         Jobs in aviation transportation.

·         Jobs in marine transportation.

·         Jobs and businesses in construction.

·         Jobs and businesses in education.

·         Jobs and businesses in manufacturing.

·         Jobs and businesses in industry.

·         Jobs and businesses in finance.

·         Jobs and businesses in every sector of our nation.

·         Unrestricted revenues from the tax base

·         Unrestricted revenues from the real estate development

Is a contemporary City-State a viable and realistic option?

The creation of Detroit as a city-state reservation is a unique solution for multiple parties and thinking outside the box. Detroit as a city-state is not a new concept when we realize contemporary city-states include:

·         sovereign city-states,

·         non-sovereign city-states,

·         cities under international supervision,

·         cities that are component states of federations,

·         federally administered cities, and

·         autonomous cities of unitary states


So, why not create a Native American city-state reservation?


Contemporary City-States


Currently the world’s eight federal countries have ten cities that are federally administered. Historically this included famed cities like Rome, Athens and Carthage, but today only three sovereign city-states exist: Monaco, Singapore and Vatican City, while two others (Hong Kong and Macau) enjoy a high degree of autonomy despite being under the sovereign rule of another country.


There are three Sovereign city-states: Monaco, Singapore and Vatican City. Non-sovereign city-states are cities which have some form of Home Rule. There are currently five cities under international supervision. Buenos Aires and Moscow are just two of the world’s thirteen cities that are component states of federations. Washington D.C. and Mexico City are two of today’s federally administered cities. Hong Kong, Macau, Greater London, Gibraltar, Ceuta (Spain) and Melilla (Spain) are the sixautonomous cities of unitary states. Hong Kong and Macau are Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China.


Maybe Detroit could be a Special Administrative Region of the DOI/BIA which would find similarity to Hong Kong and Macau. Or you can elect to be like the Vatican, Moscow, Greater London or Mexico City. Or you can create a hybrid reorganizedDetroit will be one city with multiple governments. You, the tribal leader, will decide what goes where and who gets what.


You can bring an opportunity to your people that will open doors to potentials that have eluded the members of your Nation for centuries because of false barriers and injustice. Your only obstacle to prevent this economic growth will be the lack of self-motivation or desire not to achieve.

I will stop my lecturing because that is not what this message is about. I am writing to invite you to start the process for a reorganized City of Detroit owned and controlled by Native Americans.

I have planted the seed now it is up to the tribal leaders to come to the Summit and decide what is in the best interest of all Native Americans first and foremost.

Tribal Leaders

This is a meeting for Native American tribal leaders or their designees to take action and continue with the merger and acquisition of the City of Detroit, MI. Therefore, all registered Chairs must submit Tribal council written authorization to speak in their behalf.

I did all this to make sure you get the best feedback an advice regarding this proposition. Call up your contacts and ask them for their comments and recommendation.

And most importantly ask for names of those individuals who can help you complete the acquisition. The acquisition will require lawyers, accountants, business savvy individuals, urban planners, technicians, politicians, lobbyists, bankers, financiers and or so much more. And do not forget to ask them if they can do it pro-bono. Pro bono isn’t really free because most hope that there will be future business for the work done now.

Again I ask you to call and discuss this email with other Tribal leaders, labor union leaders or anyone else because this is not a secret agenda and nothing is off the table. I have sent this email to the Tribal Leadership and to the Native American media. I will share this with Detroit’s business leaders, government representatives, community leaders, labor union leaders and elected & appointed officials.


Summit: Native Americans Bailouts Detroit To Create A City-State Reservation in Detroit, Michigan on September 20 – 22, 2013. Reservations and registrations are free. August 15, 2013 is the deadline for the purposes of establishing whether there is any interest so we can continue with implementation. If there is not enough interest by the deadline the Summit will be cancelled.


You can always change your registration by registering for another option at a later time. After any interim or permanent appointment or election of tribal representation the rules can change without notice. I will not prevent or restrict the tribal leaders from making decision in the future.

Remember there will be a vote for interim leadership until a general election can be established for a permanent leadership. Until the election of permanent rules and officers you are not penalized by initially being an observer. If your Tribe becomes a participant at a later date you will become a full member. All the rules could change once the Interim Leadership is selected because then they will make the rules.

I will stop talking because it is up to you and the other attendees to start your initial process of creating a new Detroit. So please register and attend so you can help create the first major municipality owned and created by Native America in the United States of America.

What will it cost to attend the Summit?

In order for you to be part of other discussions and events you merely have to register to attend.

Tribal reservation, registration and attendance by one person for the Summit are FREE. Attend any session open to the public and you will be given priority admission. There will be a nominal charge for any printed materials you request.

Now for those of you who want more involvement there is a nominal cost for participation in the discussions sessions, plenary sessions, breakout sessions,  tours and other.













Tribal Council Delegate


Reservation, registration and attendance by one person.

Individual (Additional)


Can be present only at the general and any other breakout program where space permits

Tribal Chair Observing


Can only get published materials for the forum and be present at most breakout sessions but not participate

Tribal Delegate with limited rights


Can only get published materials for the forum and be present at most breakout sessions but not participate.


Tribal Delegate with full rights


This is full enfranchisement to attend, vote, participate and become a candidate for any office if any.



Who Am I?

My only purpose is to convene the Summit. I will be excluded from the process after the Summit unless the leadership invites to participate. To help pay the expenses of the Summit I will have to charge a fee for some things. I will contact a cross-section of Detroit who will be asked to underwrite the Summit and hopefully part of the next step.

Please attend the Summit.

Thank you for your time, consideration and help with making the Summit a success.

Vernon E. Weems

Weems Productions & Enterprises

637 Independence Avenue

Waterloo, IA 50703-4114

(319) 233-6058