Brett’s blog — Fear not! The ice will go out on May 10!

I’m going out on a limb and predicting that the ice on Mille Lacs will be out just in time for opener. Here’s my thinking:

1. I drove past Ann Lake today, and the ice is half gone. The rest should go today. Ice out on Ann is usually 8 days before Mille Lacs, which should put it at Friday May 10.

2. The ice-out process should be quicker this year since it’s happening later in the spring, when the sun is higher.

3. The mercury will hit 60 on Sunday and stay warm throughout the week — plenty warm for serious melting to occur.

4. Good chance of rain Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday to eat away the soft ice.

5. If you read my writing, you know I’m always right, so just because I’m saying it, it will happen!

See you on the water May 11!


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