Brett’s blog — Back from vacation

I was off last week, on my long-awaited 50th birthday present to myself: a trip with the family to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It was as great as I had hoped, with perfect weather and incredible scenery, and we had a couple fun days in LA before and after. (See the pics of me, my two kids, my wife, and my sister-in-law — and some random strangers at the rim.)

Got back in time for Monday’s deadline and got the paper done by a reasonable hour thanks to the hard work of our staff in my absence.

In the rush to get the March 27 paper done before leaving, I let slide the story on the Mille Lacs Band’s decision to petition for increased federal law enforcement presence on the reservation — meaning the 1855 reservation.

It’s certain to resurrect local controversy, since the Band and feds recognize that definition of the reservation while the

First story in what will be ongoing coverage appears in this week’s Mess.


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