Brett’s blog — A three-species tournament

Rob and I were both at the DNR’s meeting with the Mille Lacs Fishery Input Group last week and have been tossing ideas back and forth ever since about how to turn the lemons of a two-inch slot into some sort of lemonade.

He’ll probably write another column about some of his ideas, but here’s one of my brainstorms: A three species tournament on Mille Lacs.

The winner would be the best three-fish stringer including a walleye, a bass and a northern. Heck, you could even expand it to include perch and panfish, or suckers and pout.

The DNR wants to see more harvest of bass and pike, so encouraging people to take home and eat bass and northerns should be on everyone’s agenda this summer.

The tournament would be an interesting test of an angler’s all-around fishing skills. I for one would love to see who has the best overall game — rather than the best walleye angling or bass angling skills.

I will claim no rights over my brilliant idea and will demand no royalties. Any resort that wants to run with it is welcome to it. All I ask in return is that you say something good about the Messenger or yours truly. Just once. Anywhere, anytime. It’ll be on the honor system. No evidence required.

I may also run a contest in the paper this summer for Best Three-Species, Three-Fish stringer. The winner will be given the soon-to-be-coveted title of Mille Lacs Messenger Angler of the Year.

Another possibility: a bass and pike cooking contest. The possibilities are endless! Get creative, people!


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