More on urinals

My column this week has brought in three suggestions for urinals or bathrooms that I’ll have to put on my bucket list (tee hee).

1. “The King.” This urinal is in the old Elks Lodge, now Pioneer Place, in St. Cloud. Two people with no connection to each other have recommended I pay homage to the king.

2. Stasius/Stanley’s. Northeast Mpls. It was suggested by a woman from Wahkon, believe it or not. I won’t mention her name.

3. The basement of the State Theater in Minneapolis.

One reader was concerned that I might someday regret identifying with the prince who blesses the urinal with his “wee sword.” I’ll just say that only a writer comfortable with his … um … you know … could pen such a line.

Obviously it was meant to be an over-the-top festival of puns and metaphors. Since I never have enough time to do these things right, I’m always left with a few regrets. In this case, I didn’t work in “leak” or “whiz.” (My wife’s Facebook comment in reaction to my post of the column link: “Gee whiz.” Well done, m’lady.)

I must say I’m especially proud to add “unshackling a prisoner” to the lexicon of bathroom euphemisms.

If you have any good bathrooms for me to visit, let me know in the comment section.


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