First our emissions, next our firstborn

Thank God we have someone on our side fighting off the United Nations and their blue-helmeted troops.
You’ve probably heard of Agenda 21, but you may not know what it is, unless you’ve been listening to Glenn Beck or some of the courageous truth-tellers at Fox News.
Agenda 21, which Wikipedia describes as “a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development” is actually a nefarious plot to take away our property rights — including the God-given rights to mine for copper, poop in an outhouse, and clearcut our trees so we can better focus our binoculars on the hippies next door as they indoctrinate their children with UN propaganda like Agenda 21.
And who is fighting on our behalf to keep the UN’s violent environmentalist army from turning us all vegetarian? None other than my state senator, Dave Brown, who was rewarded for his vigilance with reelection to a second term in November.
Sen. Brown is the local version of those patriots in the U.S. Senate who voted down a UN treaty on disabilities last week.
According to the blog Bluestem Prairie, Sen. Brown attended a July meeting of the Southwest Metro Tea Party Patriots to report on Agenda 21.
Here are some of the minutes from the meeting:
Senator Brown began by holding up the 350 pages of the UN Agenda for the 21st Century and briefly outlined how it, under the guise of “sustainable development,” is progressing toward a global government, taking away our private property and civil liberties. Humans would have no more rights than nature and laws will be made to assure that humans and nature are equal.
Goals of Agenda 21 include redistribution of America’s wealth all over the world, control of property, strengthening the roles of major groups (not individuals) based on “communitarianism,” requiring all children to go to government schools, restricting the lifestyle of most Americans, and to be the vehicle for global government.
Not one to sit on his hands while the world is going to hell, Brown sponsored a bill in the Legislature that will cut the UN off at the knees. I found this part especially sneaky on Sen. Brown’s part.
“Subd. 5. Duties. The commission shall (1) study the impact of implementing United Nations Agenda 21 on the state, counties, regional commissions, towns, and cities, and (2) prepare a report to the senate and the house of representatives. The report shall include recommendations and draft legislation to prevent implementation of United Nations Agenda 21 by the state, counties, regional commissions, towns, and cities.”
At first glance it may seem odd that a small government conservative would advocate the creation of a committee to research a topic, when the conclusion is already written in stone.
But Sen. Brown is one step ahead of you. There’s no way the big government bureaucrats would do the common sense thing (vote to keep the UN out of our septic systems) without doing the big government bureaucrat thing (form a committee).
With Obama in office for another four years, we’ll soon start to see his true colors, as he turns over the keys to the ship of state to the UN’s Agenda 21 goons. First they’ll make us cut our emissions. Then they’ll take our guns. Finally, even our children won’t be safe.
Thanks to Senator Brown, we’ve got a fighting chance.
Brett Larson is the editor of the Messenger.


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