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4:17 a.m.
Final results, winners in bold.
US Senate: Klobuchar 65 percent, Bills 31.
US House 8: Nolan 54.5, Cravaack 45.5
Voter ID: No wins statewide 54/46. In MIlle Lacs County, Yes 7019, No 5976, blanks 82.
Marriage amendment: No wins statewide 52/48. In Mille Lacs, yes 7996, no 5048, blank 33
State Senate District 15 (96.83 percent): Brown 20217, Knox 15724.
State House District 15A (97.3 percent): Erickson 9406, Walsh 8685.
State Senate District 10 (100 percent): Ruud 22848, Stevenson 19490.
State House District 10B (100 percent): Lueck 10764, Joe Radinovich 11087.
State Senate District 9 (94 percent): Gazelka 20223, Doty 17495.
State Senate District 9B (100 percent): Kresha 9881, Welle 8751.
Mille Lacs County Commissioner District 1 (1 of 1 precincts): Reynolds 1005, Edmonds 925.
Mille Lacs County Commissioner District 2 (4 of 4 precincts): Whitcomb 1125, Wilhelm 1346.
Mille Lacs County Commissioner District 3 (3 of 3 precincts): Peterson 1148, Gahm 1107.
Mille Lacs County Commissioner District 4 (10 of 10 precincts): Tellinghuisen 1732, McQuay 748.
Mille Lacs County Commissioner District 5 (7 of 7 precincts): Oslin 1482, Hill 1069.
Soil and Water District 1: Ziebarth 4792, Stoeckel 5646. District 2: Beckstrom (unopposed): 9786. District 4: Eller (unopposed) 9728.
Isle Mayor: Schultz (unopposed): 382
Isle Council: Christensen 280, Dahlen 293 (two open seats).
Onamia mayor: Shivers 109, Dallas 58, Mickus 160.
Onamia council (elect 2): Olson 121, Pederson 171, Zimmerman 63, Willis 181.
Wahkon mayor: Reichel (unopposed) 105.
Wahkon council (elect 2): Boyer 31, Button 99, Bjornson-Main 87.
Wahkon council (special election): Matte (unopposed) 114.
Isle school board Gudim 1025, Eye 1018, Johnson 913, Schmidt 928. (Mille Lacs County Gudim 738, Eye 741, Johnson 626, Schmidt 620).
Onamia school board (Elect 3): L Anderson 1157, Vensel 814, Iverson 829, M. Anderson 1363, Sam 1109. (Mille Lacs County L. Anderson 846, Shaye Vensel 554, Kaylee Iverson 551, M. Anderson 977, Sam 849).
City of Garrison: Pierson 52, Write-in 59 for mayor
For council, Naegele 34, Biever 35, write-in 47
(If all the write-ins were for Charlson and Foster, then they win.)
Township results will be added later. I’m going to bed.

3:29 a.m.
17 precincts in. Still waiting on Princeton, Wahkon, Onamia and a few others.
Walsh, Knox, close gap on Erickson, Brown. In Mille Lacs County, Joe Walsh now trails Sondra Erickson 3863 to 3858. In the 15A House district, Sally Knox trails Dave Brown 2705 to 3876.
Commissioner District 2: Whitcomb 585, Wilhelm 704 (20 of 4 precincts).
Commissioner District 3: Peterson 1148, Gahm 1107 (3 of 3 precincts).
Commissioner District 4: Tellinghuisen 1359, McQuay 544 (8 of 10 precincts).
Commissioner District 5: Oslin 1055, Hill 657 (4 of 7 precincts).
Isle Mayor: Schultz 382
Isle council: Christensen 280, Burch 293 (two open seats)
Isle school board: Gudim 661, Eye 671, Johnson 564, Schmidt 564 (4 of 6 precincts).
Onamia school board: L. Anderson 353, Shaye Vensel 197, Kaylee Iverson 259, M. Anderson 383, Sam 463 (4 of 7 precincts).
3:08 a.m.
Nothing new from Mille Lacs County. I’m sure the candidates are anxious to know if they won or not, but it sounds like it’ll be a half hour or so. I’ll post the final results before heading to bed.
1:49 a.m.
MPR has called the US House District 8 race for Democratic challenger Rick Nolan over Republican incumbent Chip Cravaack. With 76 percent of precincts reporting, Nolan has 52.5 percent to 47.5 for Cravaack.
It also appears that NO is the winner on both the marriage amendment and the voter ID amendment.
The Bachmann-Graves race in US House District 6 is still too close to call. With 85 percent reporting, Bachman leads by just under 2000 votes.
Republicans have conceded that Democrats will control the Minnesota House.
Senate District 15: Brown 9132, Knox 7235 (60 percent in)
House District 15A: Erickson 2888, Walsh 2600 (51 percent in)
Senate District 10: Ruud 20129, Stevenson 16677 (65 percent in)
House 10B: Lueck 8144, Radinovich 8189 (56 percent in)
Senate District 9: Gazelka 15818, Doty 14708 (79 percent in)
House 9B: Kresha 9881, Welle 8751 (100 percent in)
How Mille Lacs County is voting:
11 of 25 precincts in
Romney/Ryan 2024, Obama/Biden 1395
Klobuchar 1936, Bills 1291
Cravaack 1885, Nolan 1519
Brown 1822, Knox 1496
Erickson 1844, Walsh 1550
Marriage amendment: Yes 65.73
Photo ID: Yes 57.47
1:17 New results from Mille Lacs County
Commissioner District 2: Whitcomb 262, Wilhelm 347 (25 percent of precincts reporting)
Commissioner D 3: Peterson 97, Gahm 97 (1 of 3 precincts)
Commissioner D4: Tellinghuisen 1359, McQuay 544 (8 of 10 precincts)
Commissioner D5: Oslin 287, Hill 90 (1 of 7 precincts)
Soil and Water: Ziebarth 1349, Stoeckel 1397 (11 of 25 precincts)
Beckstrom and Eller unopposed
City of Garrison: Pierson 52, Write-in 59 for mayor. For council, Naegele 34, Biever 35, write-in 47. (If all the write-ins were for Charlson and Foster, then they win.)
Isle school board (6 of 11 precincts): Gudim 388, Eye 390, Johnson 331, Schmidt 362
Onamia school board (11 of 15 precincts): L. Anderson, 391, Shaye Vensel 324, Iverson 333, M. Anderson 516, Sam 329
1:11 Mille Lacs County results are still not available, due to the number of absentee ballots that couldn’t be counted until after the polls closed. Auditor Phil Thompson said the Secretary of State’s website doesn’t show the preliminary totals from each precinct until the absentee totals are included. Phil’s staff is still busily opening envelopes and getting them counted.
In the meantime, some statewide and regional preliminary numbers:
Marriage amendment: No 51, Yes 49
Voter ID: No 52.7, Yes 47.3
Obama 51.4, Romney 46.6
Klobuchar 64.4 percent, Bills 31.5
Nolan 52.9, Cravaack 47.1
Graves 50.0, Bachmann 50.0
Brown 56.8, Knox 43.2
Erickson 51.7, Walsh 48.3
US House District 8: Cravaack/Nolan, 51.3/48.7
Marriage: Yes 48, No 48.5
Voter ID: 50 no 46 yes
US Senate: Klobuchar 63.9, Bills 31.9
US House District 6: Bachmann/Graves, 50/50
State Senate District 15: Brown 55/Knox 45
State House District 15A: Erickson 50.3, Walsh 49.7
Mille Lacs County Commissioner District 4: Tellinghuisen 221, McQuay 131
Isle School Board: Johnson 27, Schmidt 22, Gudim 20, Eye 16
11:18 County results still dribbling in. Only 4 precincts reporting. Early results of the county and city races still not available. I’ll keep checking and get them up as they come in. In the Cravaack-Nolan race, it’s 50-49 for Cravaack with 21 percent of the vote in. Erickson/Walsh still 201/181 in state House district 15A. Brown beating Knox 57 to 43 percent for state Senate.
10:20 Statewide the NO votes are still winning both amendments, 55-45. In Mille Lacs, yes has 62.4 on marriage and 60.4 on voter ID. Ohio called for Obama, which puts him over.
10:05 Finally a few results from Mille Lacs County. With four precincts in, Romney, Klobuchar, Cravaack, Brown, Erickson leading. Also present now: Onamia city, Greenbush, East Side, Milaca city. Florida and Ohio tightening, but Obama got Iowa. Sounds like Virginia could turn. Otherwise either Florida, Ohio, or Oregon, Colorado and Nevada. Or any combination. Looking tough for Romney. I’ll get local results on amendments in a minute, if my wifi holds up.
9:53 Nolan leading Craavack, but only 15,000 votes in. In State Senate District 15, Brown leading Knox 423 to 308. House district 15A, no results yet. Amendments: No winning with 55 percent on marriage, and 54.5 on voter ID. In Congressional district 6, Bachmann is up by 2000 votes, 50 to 49 percent.
9:39 Isle Harbor just came in, joining the following precincts that have brought their ballots to Mille Lacs County courthouse: Bock, South Harbor, Foreston, Wahkon, Onamia Township, Dailey, Milaca Township, Pease, Page, Bogus Brook. No results available yet, but more reports of good turnout. Obama’s getting close, but Ohio and Florida still up in the air. Looks like Romney will carry Virginia and North Carolina, which he needs. Obama could squeak out a victory without Florida or Ohio, but he’d need Nevada, Colorado and Iowa — and he may get all three. I’ll check in on statewide totals next, since county ones aren’t up yet.
9:16 Constitutional amendments: No is winning both. Marriage has 41.73 percent yes; Voter ID has 44.15 percent. If those hold, that’s a dramatic change over several weeks. Obama’s Florida edge holding with 89 percent in. Ohio’s narrowing with half the vote in, but Obama still has 100,000 vote edge. Heading back to the courthouse to see how things are going.
9:11 Florida or Ohio to Obama, and it’s over, but still too close to call. Looks like Ohio is pretty solid for Obama and Florida tight. Romney holding where expected, but not able to shake some loose at this point, and Florida still may turn blue. Florida 50-50, Ohio 51-49. Looks like Colorado is going Dem again, which is bad for Romney. Still possible that Romney gets Ohio and Florida. O ahead by 25,000 votes with 85 percent of results in. Todd Akin, the schmuck who talked about “legitimate rape” goes down in Missouri.
8:43 No local results yet. Wisconsin called for Obama, Sherrod Brown wins Ohio, according to AP. If Ohio goes Obama, it should be pretty much over, unless there are big shocks from several states. That idiot in Indiana who thinks rape may be God’s will got beat. First time since 1972 a presidential ticket lost both home states. Looking like the House will stay Republican.
8:27 Still quiet at the courthouse. Klobuchar looks like the easy winner for Mn Senate. Warren gets upset win in Massachusetts. The Onion Twitter feed keeps it real: “ is a good place to check election news if you enjoy your news written by mule-brained imbeciles.”
8:17 Presidential election too close to call, but playing out as expected with Romney ahead in popular vote but Obama holding slim leads in swing states that matter. Warren wins Massachusetts. Pennsylvania called for Obama in spite of Republican efforts in recent days.
8:14 Polls are closed, but so far it’s just me and the county auditor’s staff at the courthouse. My wifi hotspot is really slow, so I may need to come up with a plan B for blogging, like Hardee’s or the library parking lot (if they left their wifi on). I’m supposed to be at the courthouse as a reporter for the Associated Press, but if I can’t make my Internet work, I’ll have to try something else.


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