So Isle really is Lake Wobegon

I’ve known for years that local folks believe Garrison Keillor based his fictional Lake Wobegon stories on Isle, but I’ve never known exactly why.
I knew his uncle was a doctor who practiced in Isle, and that Garrison showed up at an Isle basketball game a couple decades ago, then did his monologue on the Lake Wobegon basketball team. Then a few months ago, I found a snarky letter to the editor of the Messenger that Garrison wrote back in the 1960s, when he was a student at the U.
Yesterday I found the most convincing bit of evidence I’ve seen.
I was at the Isle Clinic in one of the exam rooms, where there’s a framed copy of a letter from Mr. Keillor to Dr. Tom Bracken.
In it, Keillor talks about his uncle, Isle’s Dr. Johnson, and says he spent a lot of time in Isle as a kid.
He also states very clearly that when he thinks of Lake Wobegon, he always pictures Isle — and Holdingford, and a little of Anoka (his home town).
So there you have it. Isle really is Lake Wobegon (or part of it, anyway).


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