Brett’s blog — Amendments, etc.

I’m strongly opposed to both constitutional amendments on the ballot this fall. I’ve expressed myself in columns already and may do so again.

There’s a good anti-Voter-ID column on MinnPost today:—-and-why-—-i-made-my-decision-voting-amendment
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It’s one of those “common sense” amendments that appeals to those who don’t think too hard about it, but when you dig a little deeper you realize it’s limiting individuals’ ability to exercise a constitutional right. It’s also expensive, unnecessary, and a transparent attempt by one party to disenfranchise those who tend to vote for the other party.

On the marriage amendment, Jesse Ventura today endorsed the “vote no” campaign, though I’m not sure Jesse has much credibility.

For what it’s worth, here’s his statement:


Being a Minnesotan is something I’ve always been proud of. We’re independent, freethinking people. We don’t let anyone tell us what to do, or what is right and wrong. We fight our own battles.

That’s why Terry and I are proud to speak out today against this harmful and divisive constitutional amendment. Watch our new video here:

This amendment just isn’t the way we do things in Minnesota. We don’t use our constitution to limit the rights and freedoms of our fellow citizens. We don’t tell some families that they aren’t good enough. We don’t let government dictate love.

I know you and I may not agree on everything. But I’m certain that we can agree that every Minnesotan has dignity, and that none of us should be constitutionally deemed unworthy of marrying the person we love.

Defeating this amendment isn’t a liberal or conservative issue – because the truth is that it impacts each and every one of us.

We have a chance to decide what kind of state we want to be – and I plan to make sure that we’re the kind of state that protects the freedom and dignity of every Minnesotan.

No matter what they say, love is by far bigger than government can ever be.


Jesse Ventura

38th Governor of Minnesota


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