What a long two weeks it’s been!
It began with a toothache, the worst ever, the kind of pain that blots out everything. I wandered around the house holding ice to my cheek, or held ice in my mouth until my face went numb.
Then back it came, again and again.
The next morning I went to the dentist, thinking my crown had failed, resulting in an abcess. They took an x-ray and found nothing. The dentist suggested I’d been grinding my teeth.
The pain continued through Memorial Day weekend, but I found some meds that reduced it, but didn’t eliminate it. Tides of pain still rose and fell, and I tried everything to cope — sucking on bread, chewing gum, swishing water around in my mouth. To varying degrees of success.
On Monday I told Bob at work about my problem, and he said he had recently experienced the same thing and been diagnosed with a sinus infection.
It was an a-ha moment, and sure enough, the next day I felt congestion in my sinuses and a low-grade fever coming on. And thankfully the tooth pain was gone.
Diane told me sinus infections are usually viral and pass within a couple weeks, so I waited it out without going to the doctor. It had been a week since the toothache started, so I hoped for improvement on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
The fever continued and congestion got worse until Monday, when I awoke feeling worse than I had in years. I went to work, finished up early, and went to the doctor, who gave me a prescription for Augmentin and suggested I use steam and Sudafed to loosen up the congestion.
Which I did, all day Tuesday, feeling horrible. Ibuprofen brought the fever down, but I had a constant dull pain in my head, and foul discharge from my nose.
It was no normal cold, with a runny nose and watery eyes. It was thick, nasty stuff that wanted to stay put.
I went to bed hoping the antibiotic would kick in and I’d awake today feeling better.
I didn’t. In some ways I felt worse. I searched the Internet and found horror stories about sinus infections lasting weeks or months, and not responding to antibiotics.
I spent the morning bent over pots of hot water, trying to breathe in, then blowing out the evil infection as the steam loosened it up.
Between treatments I read, and finally, just before noon, it happened.
I felt like myself again. My sinuses were relatively clear. My ears were no longer plugged. The dull headache and fever were gone.
Unbelievable relief.


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