Good weekend

1. Built a raised bed
2. went for a short jog
3. Went grocery shopping
4. Filled raised bed with good well-rotted horse manure.
5. Made a beautiful new pile of the horse manure that piled up over the winter.
6. started planning summer vacation
7. Had a couple Summits
8. Got the tractor started
9. Ate a sloppy joe and some potato chips
10. Sat in the hot tub
11. Signed up for Netflix and watched a movie.
12. Made popcorn

1. Ate eggs from my chickens
2. Planned summer vacation
3. Read my cheesy historical novel
4. Went to “Chimpanzee”
5. Went on a longer jog
6. Fixed the tractor
7. Sat in the hot tub again
8. Listened to a record
9. Went to Caribou and wrote a column
10. Visited with my mom
11. Played basketball with Leif
12. Blogged


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