I found out some people I didn’t know read this blog read this blog, and it made me self-conscious, so I stopped blogging for a while, and also just didn’t feel like it, which goes to show I’m not a born blogger.

But what the heck.

Diane and Leif left for Aruba today. I took them to the Cities at 5, hung out at Panera working for a couple hours, then went for a jog along the river, then came back to work from home. A good day, amazingly warm.

The winter has been beyond strange. We had some warm ones a few years ago, in the late ’90s, but this takes the cake. My guess is we’re looking at a record ice out on Mille Lacs because there’s just not that much ice to melt.

There were flies out like crazy on Saturday and Sunday. I heard the bats moving around in the walls. Only the birds are on their usual calendar, which makes sense. Red-winged blackbirds came back on the weekend. Heard robins and killdeer today, and a kestrel came to noisily check out the box we have on our barn. Likely one of the adults or young from last year.

Seems like the maple trees won’t run, even though we have them tapped.

I’ve been running a lot, planning to train for a half marathon this Saturday, but I didn’t sign up in time, so I’ll probably just plan on Earth Day Half Marathon in St. Cloud April 23, then Maple Grove in May, and possibly the Rock and Roll half in Chicago in July.

I have an ongoing debate with myself about my career. I’m considering making a proposal to cut back my hours at the Messenger and using the extra time to do some freelance writing on topics that interest me — environment, science, outdoor rec. With the long-term goal of freelancing from home.

For now, though, I think I can be happy at the Mess as long as I don’t feel tied to a 40-mile drive for life.

We’ll see what happens.


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