Tuesday, Jan. 31

Spent the morning at the murder trial of Aaron Beaulieu, who is accused of killing William Nickaboine in July of 2010. They picked the jury yesterday (9 women, 6 men, which includes 3 alternates), Today it was opening statements and testimony from the medical examiner and a forensic anthropologist who identified all the fractures to William’s skull that likely killed him. Not sure what will happen this afternoon.

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It appears that Beaulieu’s attorney is going for the “it was the other guy” defense — meaning Josh Boyd and/or Nate Bugg. Sounds like it was Bugg’s information that led to the arrest of both Beaulieu and Boyd.

The prosecuting attorney, who is out of the state Attorney General’s office, told the whole story (his version, anyway) in his opening statements, and acted out what he said Bealieu did to Will: punching him repeatedly in the head after knocking him to the ground.

Will was then allegedly kicked repeatedly by Boyd, who then took his body, partially burned it, and abandoned it in the woods near the wastewater treatment plant.

Boyd’s Suburban was picked up later, and witnesses saw Boyd driving it through a field near where the body was found.

I’ll blog and/or post a story later today.


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