Thursday, Feb. 2

Got a call from someone who thought I could’ve been more thorough in my story about the tribal cops’ role in the Native Mob bust last week.

At the risk of sounding like whiner, I wrote back: “I’m just scrambling to keep up with everything, as usual, so nothing gets done as thoroughly as I would like.

“(In addition to all this, I’m trying to cover Onamia sports, writing a column, blogging, covering events, editing and proofing and laying out and doing page design on the entire paper, responding to comments and criticisms, updating the website, managing my staff, etc.)”

My list of by-lines in this week’s paper illustrates the point:

Tribal cops play central role in gang bust

District tries again for referendum

Landwehr writes to fishery input group

Murder trial began Monday

Long-time DAC director retires

‘Wake-up Call’ — Crazy fun for cast, audience

Panthers ground Eagles for third win

Isle boys top Pine City

Onamia Panthers sneak past East Central

And then of course there was all the other stuff mentioned above. So next time you think your local newspaper editor/reporter isn’t doing his/her job, cut ’em some slack.


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