Jan. 31 More on trial

Well, I wrote this blog once then lost it somehow. Anyway, this afternoon there were four witnesses: end of forensic pathologist’s testimony, Amanda Drumbeater (Will’s girlfriend), Jason LaSart (Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office) and Brett Haskin (Mille Lacs Tribal PD).

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Drumbeater’s testimony was the most dramatic. She cried pretty hard a couple times. The defense attorney tried to lead her to talk about her own problems with the law (you can google it), but the state objected and the judge sustained.

LaSart testified about the discovery of the body and Haskin about the discovery of Josh Boyd’s Suburban, which was allegedly used to drive William’s body to where it was burned and abandoned.

The medical examiner’s testimony was gruesome at times. By the time the body was found, it was in the process of decomposition. I’m sure it was hard for the family to listen. Probably good that the photos could only be seen by the jury and lawyers and judge. (This is not usually the case. At other trials I’ve covered, the photos have been visible to the gallery.)

There were about a dozen on William’s side of the courtroom and a few on Aaron’s side, including his grandmother, who sat behind me all day.

Apparently some of the witnesses for the state didn’t show up today, so it was over by about 3:40. I’m pretty sure I heard them saying it was Nathan Bugg who was missing. I expect his testimony is central to the state’s case, so it could be trouble for them if he doesn’t show up.

I’ll stop by the courthouse in the morning, but I probably can’t spend the whole day. I’ll try to blog a little something in the morning.


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