The pipeline

It was the right thing to do, nixing the Keystone pipeline, which Obama did today. We can’t be thinking about burning every last dirty drop of petroleum, no matter how expensive to extract.

I anticipate that we will anyway, but we can’t. The atmosphere can’t handle it. Our unwillingness to face that fact will be our undoing.

Obama left the door open and will probably approve it eventually. If a Republican is elected in November, it’s a done deal. Obama used the issue to make a political point against Republicans for trying to make a political issue of the deal by requiring a decision within 60 days.

The Canadians, as I wrote in a recent column, have become an environmental rogue, thanks to their prime minister, who was suckled at the oil teat.

He’s pissed at Obama. I say good.

Eventually we’ll have to mine the tar sands and build the pipeline or find a way to stop running our global economy on fossil fuels. I don’t see that happening, so this is likely just delaying the inevitable.

I’d vote for leaving the stuff in the ground and scaling back our lifestyle, even though my in-laws have mineral rights in North Dakota that my kids may benefit from someday.

Took a walk at Kathio State Park this morning on my way to a meeting in Garrison. It was mighty cold. Missed my walk at home because Leif had to leave early and hadn’t planned ahead, so I took him.

May skip tomorrow, too. Coldest night of the year. And speaking of climate change, this is the longest it’s taken to get this cold in Minnesota since records have been kept.

Four eggs today.


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