Jan. 13

I forgot to blog yesterday before leaving the house and never got around to it at work, and by the time I got home I was too tired and lazy.

So maybe I’ll do an extra today.

Winter temps yesterday, but still no snow. I had my morning walk after skipping it on Thursday.

Met my boss’s new partner, who will be the publisher of the Aitkin paper but will also work with the sales staff at the Messenger.

Wrote a column that probably won’t use this week, but may use next week, called “At the risk of offending everyone.” That pretty much says it all. It’s a criticism of recent statements by the non-Indian fishing/resort community around Mille Lacs and the chief of the Mille Lacs Band. It’s basically a call to face reality.

Leif was home sick from school, and Cedar worked. Diane and I watched Portlandia and went to be early.

What to do with a weekend? I’m thinking jogging and movie and shopping at the coop today, and nothing tomorrow (except maybe another jog).


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