Jan. 10 — State of the Band

Today is the annual State of the Band address at Grand Casino. Mille Lacs Band leaders will give their speeches and plans for 2012. It’s an annual event that hasn’t been that fun lately because of all the difficulties the Band has been having — government shakeups, tragic deaths of young people, etc.

I’m remembering two years ago when I was standing at the front of the room with my camera and the Secretary/Treasurer of the Band spoke directly about how my newspaper sucked, how he didn’t like me, and how no one should pay attention to what we say. All I could do was pretend to fiddle with my camera as 2000 eyes turned in my direction.

This year we’re coming off a series of articles on crime and addiction on the reservation, and even though I know a lot of Band members appreciate what we did, I’m not looking forward to standing there with my camera again.

So I asked the Band’s PR firm to get us photos.

New topic: Sometimes setting your sights low is a good idea. I planned on running once a week this winter, on weekends, and walking the other days, but today I was in the mood so I ran four miles. Felt great, and I may be increasing my mileage in coming weeks.

I usually start running in early March to be ready for the Earth Day Half Marathon in St. Cloud in April.


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