Jan. 10 — Bonus

State of the Band went fine. Very little said about the drugs/gangs/violence issue, but when Chief Executive Marge Anderson did mention it, the audience applauded. It’s obviously the top concern of the folks who were in the room.

A thought I had this morning, probably obvious but it struck me as new: We expect government to legislate against those things we see as the greatest threats, and we see them as the greatest threats because they are the evils we know in ourselves.

Generally speaking, conservatives want government to fight crime, external aggressors, and perceived sexual perversions. Apparently those are the evils with which they are most familiar. Their understanding of the human condition is that those are the most dangerous sins. When they think “sin,” they think gay Muslim gang-banger druggie.

Liberals want government to fight greed, racism/oppression (internal oppressors), and environmental irresponsibility. When they think “sin,” they think racist corporate polluter.

The question of course is this: In their heart of hearts, do conservatives actually feel like the perverts and petty thugs and liberals like the greed heads and racists? Is that why they’re so concerned about the effects of those sins, and less worried about the others? Because they’re more real to them?

By that logic, the conservative view of sin would be something base, while the liberal would be more in line with hubris. Humans being somewhere between the beast and angels, our two parties seem to have it all covered.


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