Jan. 8 — Unseasonably unseasonable

My Twitter post this morning: Minnesota breaks record for use of word “unseasonably.”

Today it’s 40-ish and sunny. Diane and I walked to the river, and I took some photos with my new lens. Nothing that great, but it was a nice walk anyway.

Really enjoyed my day solo in the Cities yesterday. A guy needs a day by himself now and then. Saw the movie “Young Adult” and enjoyed it. It’s refreshing to see a movie with such an unapologetic female anti-hero who doesn’t reform.

Got up this morning and cleaned out the refrigerator top to bottom. Pulled out all the shelves and drawers and cleaned them all.

Diane made quiche, which was delicious.

I’m reading this book by Jon Krakauer about Pat Tillman, Where Men Win Glory. So far it’s not as riveting as Krakauer’s other books, but it’s a great story. Tillman was an interesting guy. Not as interesting as I expected him to be, but heck, he was only 25, and for 25 he was pretty bright and unconventional.

He was pretty bothered by Bush’s use of 9/11 to justify war in Iraq. I’m with him on that. I can’t relate at all to the fact that he got married and left his new wife alone so he could do his Army thing. But I can’t really relate to the whole military thing, so no surprise there.

Not much else to say today. Good weekend.

Here’s a photo of my cat:


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