From the editor’s inbox: Scientists have Found God: Mass Angel Encounter in LA

Researchers from the OOBE Research Center have reproduced Prophet Elijah’s biblical angel encounter a total of 15 times. The experiment proved that the experience is a result of spontaneous lucid dreaming, as are many similar biblical encounters with angels, demons, and God.

Los Angeles, CA, December 21, 2011 – A group of volunteers reported at UCLA by the OOBE Research Center and were instructed to perform certain procedures during morning awakenings in order to replicate the biblical account in which Elijah awakens, sees an angel, eats food that wasn’t there before, and goes back to sleep (1 Kings 19:4-6). A total of 15 subjects completed this task. The experiment proved that spontaneous lucid dreaming may be the reason of biblical encounters with angels and God. (A full report)

The prophet Elijah, often mentioned in the Bible and the Koran, is one of the most significant figures in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Nevertheless, this study has shown that he may have encountered the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, which also served as the cause of some of the religious experiences in his life. Judging from it all, the same can be said for other biblical figures.

Elijah’s angel encounter was chosen only because it provided the most specific and clear-cut experimental outcome. The initial plan had been to reproduce those substantially more straightforward biblical accounts of hearing God’s voice when falling asleep or waking up. However, since God has no specific likeness – unlike angels – the results of the experiment would not have been measurable, even if it were successful.

The fact that anyone can re-experience this biblical miracle by following simple instructions indicates a high likelihood that the same process occurred spontaneously for biblical figures. Most biblical figures experienced visions while they were falling asleep, sleeping, or waking up. Job 33:14-16 directly states that God comes to people while they sleep or dream.

Experiment lead Michael Raduga ( explained, “Some might say that we have found God or discovered something about His nature. However, we only conducted this experiment in order to prove that the subject of our research can be found in ancient sources like the Bible. This has no bearing on religion itself. However, one may conjecture how wide an impact this phenomenon has had on all human culture and history”.

In October 2011, the OOBE Research Center brought about mass contact with aliens, thus proving that close encounters of the third kind can be the result of lucid dreaming. The center was founded in 2007 by Michael Raduga, an experienced OOBE practitioner who has authored 10 books, the best-known of which is School of Out-of-Body Travel, freely available online.

For a full report, see:


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