Roma day two


In the morning I ran around the ancient city and took some detours to a couple domes I saw along the way. Later that morning we all walked to the ancient city but didn’t like the lines so we rented scooters and drove to via appia antica. Took us forever to find it and had a wild ride in the meantime. Stopped for bad sandwiches and cokes, then went home. I took the scooter to the train station to make reservations for our last two train trips but was dismayed to learn there were no open seats from genoa to paris to catch our flight home. When I was looking for the eurail office, a hustler saw me looking confused and tried to help me, but I eventually caught on. We decided to return the scooters and walk to the coliseum in early evening. Too late to get into forum and palatine. Went home for gelato on the square, then cooked pasta and sauce from the market. Wine on the roof.


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