Tim Pawlenty: The manufactured candidate – War Room – Salon.com

Interesting article on T-Paw in Salon today (see excerpt below). I’m a self-professed bad judge of character, and now also a self-professed bad political prognosticator. I was saying for several months that Pawlenty would be the Republican candidate for president. I thought he had played his cards well to win the nomination and had the personality and false humility to win people over.

Turns out the national media was having none of it. You could sense their dismissal of him from the start, and when he failed to attack Romney in the debate, it was pretty much over.

You can’t look like a wimp and expect to be president. To me, his chickening out wasn’t as big a deal as the media made it out to be, but it’s the media reality that matters.

Following is an excerpt from the Salon article that I think is pretty telling, not just about Pawlenty but about a lot of Republicans. I think it’s pretty clear that the Republican leadership is playing the base but saying all the right things about faith and values, abortion, homosexuality, etc.

Basically the Republican party is all about increasing rich people’s share of the wealth, but in order to do that, they need voters, and the way they get them is by appealing to the Christian right/social conservatives. It’s never made any sense that evangelical Christians would sign onto laissez faire capitalism across the board, just because the party that preaches it also happens to be “pro-life.” There’s nothing Biblical about it, and there’s a long history of evangelical involvement in social justice issues that today are seen as “liberal.”

To me, the cynical Republican establishment has found the perfect mark in the gullible, ignorant masses of the Xian right. It’s been working for decades.

I suppose that’s why they’re afraid of Bachmann: She’s a true believer. She may figure out eventually that Republicanism is anti-Christian.

Anyway, here’s the excerpt, from the article by an old acquaintance of T-Paw (As Bill Maher said, that’s what Minnesota’s black person calls him):

“Pawlenty is a very talented guy, and I respected his opinion. His first question was, ‘What’s your position on choice?’ I hadn’t ever been asked the question quite so pointedly. ‘You’ve got to take a stand on that first,’ he said. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘OK. I don’t like abortion; I think it’s a really tough personal decision, but not something the government should be getting into one way or the other, so I guess I’m pro-choice.’

“He looked at me over his lunch and said, ‘Well personally, so am I, but here’s the thing. You’ve got to find a way to get your mind around the language of saying ‘pro-life.’ It’s in how you phrase it.'”

I’ve since learned I’m not the only one Pawlenty has said this to.”

via Tim Pawlenty: The manufactured candidate – War Room – Salon.com.


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