I’m enthusiastic about this use of “enthusiast”

I normally hate the word “enthusiast,” as my coworkers will tell you. Unfortunately, it’s a big, awkward Greek-derived word for something there’s no good small Anglo-Saxon word for, with the exception of “buff,” “fan,” or “freak,” which seem too informal or hackneyed in certain contexts.

But this use of “enthusiast” in a Salon.com story about Weinergate, I find priceless: “There was the instantly infamous photo of the shirtless (and admirably ripped) New Yorker, flanked by photos of him with his family and fellow indiscretion enthusiast Bill Clinton.”

Fyi: from Dictionary.com
Word Origin & History


c.1600, pejorative, one who believes himself possessed of divine revelations or special communication from God, from Gk. enthousiastes, from enthousiazein (see enthusiasm). General sense (not always entirely pejorative) is from mid-18c.

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