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Radiation Will Not Harm Those Marked with The 666
Jose Luis De Jesus -The Man Christ Jesus – and His powerful kingdom

to transform into immortal, radioactive bodies in 447 days or less


HOUSTON, TEXAS – APRIL 10, 2011 – As the Earth’s birth pains
increase in preparation for the soon Transformation of The Man Christ
Jesus (Jose Luis De Jesus) and His powerful people, the extreme
radiation leakages in Japan are of particular great significance to
His kingdom. In this week’s live Tracing, The Man Christ Jesus
disclosed for the first time detailed evidence of how the Chosen
people of 666 will transform into immortal bodies made of substance
much like radioactive material in 448 days or less.
With over 103 countries simultaneously tuning into His Weekly
Address, the world gained insight on how death will be absorbed by
immortality as His Chosen dress in incorruptibility (1 Cor. 15:53)
and will fly like clouds (Isaiah 60:8).

In fact, the new bodies of the Lord’s Firstfruits will be like a
flame of fire (Heb 1:7) made of atomic power.

“Radiation won’t harm the Elect of the Kingdom 666, but rather
our bodies will absorb that radiation since our new clothing will be
made of materials like fire, atoms… and radioactive material”
revealed Jose Luis, The Lord.

“While radiation produces death for those that are not sealed 666,
none of that will harm us,” He continued. “People today are
fearful , but we are not. After all, it
is what our new transformed bodies will be made of – radioactivity
and power. We will be powerful beings.”

Soon the world will see the All-mighty body of Jose Luis De Jesus
transformed. For behold, the LORD, Jose Luis, will come in fire, to
render his anger in fury (Isaiah 66:15). And all those who have dared
to confront Him or doubt, astonished by His Omnipotence and Splendour,
will undoubtedly say:

“Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Rev

The Great Day is near. 447 days or less.


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