Obama’s energy plan

Caught a bit of his speech today on the recommendation of a co-worker to whom I was waxing apocalyptic the other day about peak oil.

Barack’s “plan” and my response in a nutshell: cut oil imports by a third over 10 years (not enough, not soon enough) and replace it with natural gas (he says there’s 100 years of the stuff, while others say we’re already approaching peak), conservation (hardee-har-har) and biofuels (too costly to produce them, and they may just make the nation’s bread basket into an empty dust bowl).

Good line: Energy secretary Steven Chu “actually earned his” Nobel Prize.

Time for him to earn another.


One thought on “Obama’s energy plan

  1. the problems are too big and complex for the public, esp. non coffee-lovers, to digest. But mostly they require sacrifice(s). Ask Mondale about that strategy. 🙂

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