Free song, etc.

So here’s a free song that you can download, and I’ll also play it on Friday at the Ginkgo, sometime between 7 and 10, probably during the second half of that interval. It’s a demo recording of a song I haven’t put on a CD yet.

Bring You a Highway

I’m also planning to play a few at the Dubliner Pub on April 14. Hope to see some friendly faces.

Every time I play I tell Diane “Remind me not to play in public again.” It’s been almost three years, and when I told her I was going to play, she said, “Remember what you told me to tell you?” Yeah, yeah. So I hope it goes well.

I clamped down on the other free downloads, but you can buy them at reverbnation (I think). Sorry about the paywall, but I learned over the years that the less you charge for something, the more worthless it becomes. Let me know if it works or doesn’t.

You can even get your very own Waltz in the Trailer ringtone!


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