Hot day

Ran four miles on the trails this morning. Barely. Not sure if my lack of energy was due to humidity, lack of water this morning, or recovery from the 11-miler I ran this weekend.

Anyway, I felt better after an hour and rode my bike 6 miles to the county board meeting.

Not much to report, except that it looks more and more like they’ll try to rescind the state building code in Mille Lacs County.

Now I’m working on a story on murder sentences, after a recent murder in the Mille Lacs area that we’ve been covering. I’m looking back at 20 years of Mille Lacs area murders.

I’m sad to say I’ve sat in on portions of four murder trials over the years, and that’s not half of them, if you count criminal vehicular homicide.

Tonight I’ll head to St. Cloud with Cedar to meet Diane for supper. Reckon I’ll stop at Aldi while I’m there.

Leif’s off at camp in California. Diane’s folks took him out to the camp where his Aunt Carole works.

Eve wrote a column about all the people in the editorial department at the Messenger. I didn’t realize that I bellow, that I have an opinion on everything, and that I seem so stressed at work I should think about quitting. I’ve been feeling pretty happy at work. Guess I should try to show it more.