Thought for the day

After seeing this headline on Salon: “What went wrong? It’s almost Labor Day. Healthcare reform is struggling, the public option is near dead. Why couldn’t Obama deliver?”

It occurs to me that you have to say ridiculous things to break through the clutter. As a result, the ridiculous looks more and more normal.

Hope he’s wrong


A Rasmussen poll now has the Republican Party as more trusted on the health care issue than Democrats. That’s insanity.
The Republicans have killed all efforts at health care reform before, they’re killing it as we speak and they almost exclusively
represent the interests of the private insurance companies who want to continue to jack up our rates (private insurance premiums
have gone up 119% in the last ten years).

So, how are they winning? Because the Democrats brought a scalpel to a gun fight.
The Republicans have attacked and attacked and attacked. Meanwhile, what has been the Democratic response?
They’re reaching out in a spirit of bipartisanship. Why?

Why do the Democrats continue to help the Republicans in killing this thing?

It is the unbearable weakness of Democratic being. They cannot find it in their hearts to strongly argue for their own position.
To be fair, in this case, the weakness is mainly Obama’s. Frankly, it’s pathetic.

health care

Great letter written to


my 10 yr old son told me he had some kind of sore on the roof of his mouth.
he had been eating some hard candy and it may have cut or irritated the tissue there.
usually, after a couple of days, mouth sores go away but his hadnt… it was getting painful for him to eat.

i told him that he might have an infection and that we should go to a doctor. so around 2 o clock,
we walked over to the local clinic, about 200 meters, and asked if there was a doctor on duty.

we were told that the doctor was still out for lunch but the dentist was in, which was perfect for us.
the dentist examined my sons mouth. indeed, there was a small infection on the wound so the dentist
prescribed a childrens dose of antibiotic and told him to swish with salt water several times a day.

we walked over to the nurses station and gave her the written prescription and she returned
a moment later with the medicine. i paid the bill, we left the clinic and went back home.

total distance traveled… about 400 meters.
total time spent… about 30 minutes.
total cost… about 3 dollars.

by the way, we live in china.
Frank M