Fight on, Jammie

‘ve been really bothered by the jury that awarded the record companies 1.92 million from Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who is from Brainerd and works for the Mille Lacs Band DNR. The reality is that just about everyone has violated copyright, either by taping albums in the old days (see Dennis Vanderpoel’s cartoon in the June 24 Mess), or by pirating VHS tapes, or by sharing CDs of downloaded songs with friends, or by photocopying. Yes, in many cases, photocopying is a violation of copyright!

So who are these jurors who decide to make a woman pay such a ridiculous amount for doing something (maybe — she still says she didn’t do it) that millions of others have done, that gave her little or no personal benefit, and that hurt the RIAA to the tune of $24 (if you consider each download being worth a buck on the market).

If you’re out there, juror, tell me what you were thinking.


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