O days, movies, Sherlock Holmes

‘ve been reading Sherlock Holmes lately. Never really read any of those stories until recently, and I’ve been surprised how enjoyable they are. They don’t have that old-fashioned literary style that sometimes puts me off. Clear and straightforward prose, good characters, good plots.

Leif and I went to two movies: Land of the Lost and Up. Land of the Lost was a disappointment, for the most part. Will Ferrell had some priceless scenes, but on the whole it was pretty weak. We do a remake of a cheesy kids’ show and make it so it’s inappropriate for kids?

Up was pretty good but to me didn’t deserve the five-star reviews I’ve read.

Did a lot of running around this weekend. Friday night went to Onamia graduation then stopped by the carnival, which was cold.

Saturday went to see Jim Cummings carve arrowheads at Father Hennepin, which was great. Leif and I went for a walk along the shore trail and I was once again struck by what a great park it is. If I lived in Isle, I’d probably be there every day jogging or biking. Surprising number of trails.

Then Sunday I went to State Parks Day at Kathio and on to the parade at Onamia Days. Cold again. The crowd seemed pretty thin for the parade, but afterwards the carnival was pretty crowded.

It’s amazing what these towns accomplish putting their festivals together.

We’ll have lots of pics up of the weekend events on the website.


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