Bill Moyers is brilliant again

I’ve subscribed to podcasts from Bill Moyers’ PBS show, which I listen to while driving to work or jogging. The latest was a union organizer named James Thindwa and William Greider. More great stuff that the so-called “liberal media” never touches.

Studies have been done about how many CEOs are interviewed on the major networks vs. rank-and-file workers, middle management, union reps, etc. The bias is appallingly clear, and only one conclusion can be reached: When it comes to reporting on the economy, what we hear/see/read is weighted HEAVILY in favor of the corporate perspective, the perspective of the owners, not the workers, the perspective of the rich, not the poor. No wonder we had 30 years of deregulation and “tinkle down” economics, as my friend Eric Johnson puts it.

Moyers’ episode on James Thindwa is here: Great stuff about Thindwa’s fight for a living wage ordinance in Chicago (shot down by Richard Daley) and his thoughts on Walmart and other low-paying retailers. Great quote by the head of Home Depot, classic hyperbole about how this new Employee Free Choice Act is the “end of civilization.”

Greider, a veteran reporter whose stories on the economy have been on target and out of the mainstream for decades, was also interviewed about Obama’s recovery plan. Greider supports Obama but is skeptical about the plan, saying it leaves control of the economy in the hands of individuals, corporations and institutions that have caused the problems. And it even rewards them!

Brilliant stuff again by the conscience of American journalism.


One thought on “Bill Moyers is brilliant again

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