Diane got us a new cappuccino maker. I’m happy about that, but withholding judgment until we can get it to work better.

I love cappuccinos in the morning. Plain old coffee just doesn’t taste good anymore.

And I’m not talking about the cappuccinos you get at Super America and half the coffee shops in the U.S., which have nothing in common with a real cappuccino, which is simply espresso and a little bit of frothed milk. You go to coffee shops these days, especially out here in the hinterlands, and order a cappuccino and they give you a weak latte — one shot of espresso and about 12 ounces of steamed milk.

This problem has arisen through American gluttony. Real cafes give people real cappuccinos, and the response is “Whaaaaaat?! Is that all?! The Super America cappuccinos are 16 ounces, with caramel and chocolate and french vanilla and toffee flavors! This is nothing like that!”

So I often go into a coffee shop nowadays and order a cappuccino, and the barista says, “Are you SURE???” because they’re afraid I’m one of those who thinks a cappuccino is what you get in the machine at Super America, and I’ll yell at them if they make me a real one.

Ranting at 6:54. Must be the cappuccino.


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