This blog is moving

To the 13 or so people who read this blog, it’ll be splitting in two and moving. The Messenger is getting a new website, so I’ll be blogging about newspaper and Mille Lacs related things there. The new site will have the same url as the old one ( and will be up in a couple weeks. (You’ll click “opinion” and the “blogs” to get to our blog pages.)

My personal blog, which is more what this one has become, will be at There I’ll post personal journal stuff, songs and stories, links to stuff I like, etc.


2 thoughts on “This blog is moving

  1. as one of the nation of 13 i have to disagree that u need two blogs. if i dont want to read the personal stuff i just scroll down. i hope you reconsider and leave it all together!

  2. Thanks, Anon. I’ll probably end up posting a lot of stuff on both. Frankly, we want to keep people on the Mess site as much as possible to sell the clicks to advertisers, but I don’t want to give up my non-Mess-affiliated blogging. You probably won’t notice much difference.

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