He’s Better Than Me


2 thoughts on “He’s Better Than Me

  1. Brett, I love it when you post music this way.I kind of love and hate this song at the same time.I love it because it sounds nice and you are singing and I get the simple gist.But then something inside me hates it. It reminds me of my ex. He only thinks of himself. Me, me, meeeeee.Never once does he think about me.Yes, I realize the song implies good things for the woman…but indirectly through the man’s ego as he compares himself to the other guy.Yuk.My version thrown together…How I wish he could be happy for me because I am better off, that he could recognize this instead.I am only so inclined to share this with you and the blogosphere because I have been thinking a lot lately about ego driven situations.”You’re better off with Him”You’re better off with himHe’ll take you for a swimTreading no moreThat’s what love is forBecause of him you’re betterLearned how to knit a sweaterAnd so much moreThat’s what love is for.He won you fair and squareAnd now you’re part of a peaceful pair.Part of what’s rightHe’ll hold you through the nightAnd when you wakethe morning you’ll together take.Don’t ever wonder why you stayed with meIt was simply your sweet belief in “we”Tell our daughterthe ego can never loveOnly the higher selfwith gifts from up above.

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